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I decided to create this online shop as a place for people to find not only products that are produced sustainably but as a place to get to know the people who are making them. My nickname is Suze and I sew, SO I very cleverly (haha) put the two together for the name of this website. Since I am starting by doing by own webdesign and coding the look and functionality of this website will be a work in progress. One that I actually enjoy, between being a mom, a wife, and a sometime designer of sustainable dresses under my label rescued. The important thing was to get started and to take a small step forward everyday and not to get bogged down with ‘techy’ doubt or really any other kind of doubt as well.

The importance of sustainability

Climate change is the most urgent issue affecting the entire planet right now. However, meaningful reductions in consumer waste can be achieved through a changed approach in our habits. No one is perfect by any means, but we can each make small changes in our consumerism that can actually make a difference.

This is nothing new, of course, but once in awhile it’s nice to be reminded…

  • Shop locally – support small businesses.
  • Shop ethically – buy organic when possible.
  • Shop less – buy pieces that last.
  • Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – it ain’t no joke.

Please take your time to get to know each artist that we showcase on this website by reading their story. Knowing where your purchases come from and who made them will only add to your enjoyment!

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