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Men’s Paris Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 almost didn’t happen since I went to bed with the flu last night…thank heavens that the fashion gods took pity on me and put me back into business by the morning…
and so what If I left before Kate Moss, David Beckham, and Xavier Dolan arrived….I forgot that celebrities can be ridiculously fashionably late… but I did get a photo of this guy and I have no idea who he is but he is officially my new Johnny Depp (since the old one is DTM – dead to me now).

After seeing these I want to decal all of my denimn and hoodies and bags and pants and watches and undies…..

As a mom I long for the days of carrying a bag with not much inside but this takes my envy to a whole new level.

Having grown up on the West Coast of Canada, seeing a man in a toque leads me to believe he is a fisherman…these are the fanciest fisherman I have ever seen.

She is back again today with a new fur scarf but in different colours…and while I dont like to promote or condone the use of real fur, I am all for girls who like to lean against a pole to check their phones so that I can take their picture casually.

The colours in the next two photos just make me swoon…they are almost as good as an Emeline Villedary painting…almost…

I love plaid and hats. Nuf said.

It may be Men’s Fashion week but I’m still a girl (ok woman) who a good shoe…..

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