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Lanvin, Dries Van Noten, and Rochas


Paule Ka, Liselore Frowijn, and Jaquemus


Paris Couture Week – Jean Paul Gaultier

It has taken me awhile to get these pictures up because it wasn’t the best photography day for me. As I have noticed with many of the bigger named shows, the turn out of celebrity is huge and therefore so are the paparazzi. Most street-style photographers will snap the odd celebrity when it works for a fashion story but its the smaller lesser known attendees that bring the best style most often. I arrived late and it was hard to get a good spot so many of my shots were ruined by another photographer’s head bobbing into my range. Also, the great fashion just wasn’t there to get. But don’t fear FAnimals..I got a few tasty treats.

This image is blurry because this woman moved at the speed of light but her confidence was exhilarating. She owned the street.

I will always wait until a show clears out in order to get some shots of the model’s hair and make up whenever possible. The striking eyes against the messy braids were whimsical.

It was the coldest day I have experienced in Paris yet and the men brought the style in their outerwear.

Great hair was everywhere…

The best part of a JPG show is the cast of characters inside and out…


Couture Week – Vetements

Its not always easy to get to the shows when you work full time as well but today I was able to make it just in time to the Pompidou to see Vetements. I even watched the show (from a window on the outside)!

You know I love colour especially on dark days and there was a lot to be had outside of this show.

It is for sure sweater weather here in Paris and these were my two favourites!

Proportion play with length and width.

Seeing red.

Faux Fur.

So many amazing details!


Men’s Paris Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 almost didn’t happen since I went to bed with the flu last night…thank heavens that the fashion gods took pity on me and put me back into business by the morning…
and so what If I left before Kate Moss, David Beckham, and Xavier Dolan arrived….I forgot that celebrities can be ridiculously fashionably late… but I did get a photo of this guy and I have no idea who he is but he is officially my new Johnny Depp (since the old one is DTM – dead to me now).

After seeing these I want to decal all of my denimn and hoodies and bags and pants and watches and undies…..

As a mom I long for the days of carrying a bag with not much inside but this takes my envy to a whole new level.

Having grown up on the West Coast of Canada, seeing a man in a toque leads me to believe he is a fisherman…these are the fanciest fisherman I have ever seen.

She is back again today with a new fur scarf but in different colours…and while I dont like to promote or condone the use of real fur, I am all for girls who like to lean against a pole to check their phones so that I can take their picture casually.

The colours in the next two photos just make me swoon…they are almost as good as an Emeline Villedary painting…almost…

I love plaid and hats. Nuf said.

It may be Men’s Fashion week but I’m still a girl (ok woman) who a good shoe…..


Men’s Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017

Today is the first day of Men’s Fashion Week here in Paris and I nearly froze in -4 degrees even though in Montreal I would have felt that spring was on its way. At least the sun was out and everyone made an effort to be fashionable while also staying warm.

Outside of ICOSAE there were pops of colour and tonal blues to transport the mind to warmer climates.

Oversized Men’s shirting details and black and white appeared in gorgeous proportions.

Sleak tailoring with the new winter 3/4 pant length.

When its cold layer layer layer….and add a layer of colour or texture whenever possible of course!!

Floor length duster and tweed with a textured scarf = winning!!!!!!


Mermaid Tears of Tofino

Nestled on the far west coast of Vancouver Island is the extraordinarily beautiful town of Tofino. Its where people go to surf, swim, and enjoy nature. This is where Joey Rukavina lives with her husband Raphael Bruhwiler, and their three ridiculously good looking children Aqua, Shae, and Dusty.

Joey and I have been friends since the first time we met in grade 8. We both shared a love for Keds, Esprit, and LLCoolJ. It makes sense for me to use one of my oldest and dearest friends to showcase as the first artist on this website because she is one of the people who inspires me the most. She has always followed her heart, so at 23 when she told me that she was going to move to Tofino and learn how to surf, I thought, of course she is….and she did. Now, she makes stunning modern jewelry using the sea glass she finds on the beach between surfing the waves and playing with her kids.

ringpaleblueSewze: How did you get started making jewelry?
Joey: I started making jewelry by helping my mom out with her bead shop when I was 10. It was more play than serious but I have always been creative. I loved taking calligraphy when I was really little and I have always loved drawing. I’ve made a lot if things for markets and craft shows including sewing, felt applique, knitting and needle felting. I love taking natural fibres and items and crafting. I took up metalsmithing because I wanted to make chunky rings! I love big statement rings. I like to use sea glass in my jewelry.

Sewze: Can you explain to readers what Sea Glass is?

Joey: I love the ocean and being at the beach. My family and I collect seaglass and for us its such a treasure hunt. Seaglass is glass that has been washed and tumbled and therefore shaped by the ocean. It is made from all types of broken glass. Anything from dishware, bottles, and even windows. They start as broken glass then become perfectly polished gems. I like that I can find it myself and that its a form of recycling taking something broken and discarded and finding the beauty in it as the light reflects thru the glass. I live on the ocean and usually travel to beach destinations so i’m always collecting. I get my silver from a great company in Rio Grande, New Mexico. I mainly use Argentium silver which is made from recycled silver. It’s 935 silver.


Sewze: In your life as well as your art, how important is sustainability?

Joey: I’m lucky to live in a pretty remote rugged town on the West Coast of Canada. I get really inspired by nature and love the outdoors so it matters a lot.

Sewze: You are mom of three kids with two successful businesses ( Joey also has a surf school with husband Raph ) and a love of surfing? How do balance it all? Can you run us through
a day in your life?
Joey: My day would consist of being the beach and hunting for seaglass. I used to work at night between 9-3 am when my house quiets down but in the last month since my kids
are in school I’ve been able to work on my jewelry during the day more. I supply to some stores and always do custom orders. Its not always easy to balance it all but in the end things tend to work out. It works if I try not to take on more than I can promise and will always make time for my kids. I’m lucky because I live near a lot of extended family and have had an amazingly supportive husband for the past 21 years.

A few quick questions inspired by Marcel Proust: one or two words only
Your idea of happiness: love and nature
Your idea of misery: disposable coffee cups
Favourite virtue: compassion or truth
If not yourself, who would you be? St. Brigid
Your favourite colour and flower? Turquoise, stargazer lily or Nootka wild Rose
The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with: A beautiful singing voice
Your favourite motto: We are all but visitors on this great planet

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