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Paris Couture Week – Jean Paul Gaultier

It has taken me awhile to get these pictures up because it wasn’t the best photography day for me. As I have noticed with many of the bigger named shows, the turn out of celebrity is huge and therefore so are the paparazzi. Most street-style photographers will snap the odd celebrity when it works for a fashion story but its the smaller lesser known attendees that bring the best style most often. I arrived late and it was hard to get a good spot so many of my shots were ruined by another photographer’s head bobbing into my range. Also, the great fashion just wasn’t there to get. But don’t fear FAnimals..I got a few tasty treats.

This image is blurry because this woman moved at the speed of light but her confidence was exhilarating. She owned the street.

I will always wait until a show clears out in order to get some shots of the model’s hair and make up whenever possible. The striking eyes against the messy braids were whimsical.

It was the coldest day I have experienced in Paris yet and the men brought the style in their outerwear.

Great hair was everywhere…

The best part of a JPG show is the cast of characters inside and out…

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